«Pruzhansky flax plant» ОJSC


«Pruzhansky flax plant» ОJSC («Pruzhanskiy l'nozavod») is one of the largest flax processing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus with a modern level of production.

The capacity of the technological equipment allows the enterprise to process up to 15 000 tons of flax trees per year and produce up to 5 000 tons of flax fiber.

The company manufactures the following products:
- long flax fiber;
- short flax fiber;
- needle-punched fabric;
- briquettes from flax bonfires;
- technical flax seeds.

www. lenzavod-pruzhany.by
  • «Pruzhansky flax plant» ОJSC, Republic of Belarus
    225134, Brest region, Pruzhany, 25 Makarenko Str.
  • Tel./fax: +375 (1632) 2-12-90

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